Arthritic Dogs
Limping or Arthritic Dogs. If your dog is limping or acting like it is in pain from a recent injury or a chronic, arthritic issue, veterinary adjustments and cold laser therapy may help give some relief without having to use drugs long term.
Dr. Jacobs has had a strong interest and much experience in diagnosing limping and lame dogs over the years. Taking her veterinary education and blending it with her experience in dog showing and performance dog activities she can usually pinpoint the area of pain, diagnose what is happening in that area, and come up with a “game plan” on how to tackle the issue.

During your examination, she will do a full lameness exam included an evaluation of your dog walking and trotting (movement exam) to gather more information than just a routine veterinary examination. She also may require radiographs to “see” what is happening with the bone or joints arthritically.

As you can imagine, having a dog that has been limping/lame for more than a couple of weeks can also put pressure on their back and pelvis thus adding secondary pain to the initial problem. She is able to give good recommendations on options for resolving all areas of pain and getting your dog back on track.