OFA Hip Xrays Dr. Jacobs
OFA Hip and Elbow Xrays. For the breeder and performance dog enthusiasts, Dr. Jacobs will continue to take hip and elbow radiographs for Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) submission. She has been doing this for breeders since 1991 and is very particular about getting the best views to provide the best grading from OFA.
X-ray of an older dog with severe hip dysplasia and osteoarthrit

OFA hip and elbow radiographs can be taken for “official” OFA grading after 24 months of age. However, many breeders want to have “preliminary” radiographs taken to see how their dog’s joints are growing and developing prior to that age. Dr. Jacobs submit those radiographs for you as well.

When making an appointment for an OFA Xray, be sure to:

  1. Visit the OFA website
  2. Download ALL your forms
  3. Fill them out PRIOR to your appointment
  4. Bring them with you to the appointment

Identification is required ON the Xray submission to ship them to OFA (which included minimally the name and AKC number of the dog you are xraying), so if you don’t bring your paperwork and information we won’t be able to do the xray that day.

OFA also requires the dog have a “permanent identification” which is a microchip to prove that the animal truly is the dog being radiographed. If you don’t have a microchip on the day of the appointment, Dr. Jacobs can microchip your dog the day of the appointment.

Call or text Dr. Jacobs at 989-600-3315 for your appointment. Do NOT feed the dog the morning of the appointment since a mild, reversible sedative will be given to the dog so the best quality radiograph can be assured. You will be allowed to be present during the radiographic procedure and provided a protective xray gown.